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National Medical Librarians Month (NMLM)

nmlm_poster_2016_med.pngYou know your value and the positive impact your skills have on your institution. Use this year's NMLM theme and poster to communicate this fact! The "Aim for Excellence" poster highlights research featured on the "Aim for Excellence" site that proves that clinicians make better and safer decisions for their patients, patients and communities get better care, and institutions save money with information from medical libriarans.

Download the PDF (887KB) version.

MLA members: for a free, folded copy (subject to availability), please contact Tomi Gunn

Purchase a flat, unfolded copy, shipped rolled: 

Enter the 2016 NMLM Contest!

For this year's contest, we want to see you doing the work that medical librarians do best. Provide high quality original photographs in your workplace of you doing your job.

Example scenarios:

  • Speaking with health practitioner at “patient” bedside pointing to EHR record showing integrated health information resources
  • Speaking with or training group of docs/residents or nurses or equivalent setting of morning report
  • In front of a small group with blackboard/electronic whiteboard working on data curation steps with researchers; maybe hands are raised
  • Working with a researcher side by side on a computer on a systematic review search
  • Working with a “patient’s family” (and possibly an anatomical model) about a particular condition (heart disease, appendicitis)


  • 1st: free annual meeting registration (conference only) to an MLA meeting ($500+ value)
  • 2nd: free individual membership for 1 year for 2017 or 2018 (up to $195 value)
  • 3rd: free webinar ($59 value)


  • Please send all entries to Tomi Gunn at MLA headquarters.
  • Entry must be submitted by an MLA individual or institutional member
  • Please submit one photo per contest entry. You may submit up to three entries
  • Photos can be posed but should show interactivity with other library staff or health practitioners/researchers
  • Photos should show activity as much as possible in real setting, even if the action is not exactly as it might happen in your institution
  • All persons in photo must be named and have model-release forms
  • Situation/setting described (example of how you helped)
  • Voting will be conducted by marketing staff

Promotional materials for NMLM and all year long!

Flat, rolled posters are available for $15 each (includes shipping and handling). 

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nmlm_poster_2016-thumb (3).jpg Poster: "Aim for Excellence" - pdf (887KB)
nmlm_poster_2015 (3).jpg Poster: "Are You A Risk Taker?" - jpg, - pdf (5.94MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_poster_critical_thumb.jpg Poster: "Critical Knowledge for Challenging Times" - jpg - pdf (3.56MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_poster_saving_thumb.jpg Poster: "Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives" - jpgpdf (9.15MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_poster_roi_thumb.jpg Poster: "Medical Librarians: Your Best Return on Investment" - jpg - pdf (3.57MB)
nmlmposter_ultimate_sm.jpg Poster: "Medical Librarians: Your Ultimate Search Engine" - jpg (2.38MB) Add to Cart
nmlm_2010_pathways.jpg Poster: "Vital Pathways: Better Outcomes Through Health Literacy." - jpg (914KB) Add to Cart
nmlmposterdigedeep_thum.jpg Poster: "Dig Deep" - jpg (80KB) Add to Cart
nmlm_fishing_thumbnail.jpg Poster: "Fishing for Quality Health Information?" - jpg(3.06MB) Add to Cart

Aim for Excellence (coming soon)
Critical Knowledge
Saving You Time
Best ROI
Ultimate Search Engine
Dig Deep


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Aim for Excellence
Risk Taker
Critical Knowledge
Best ROI


Communicate Your Value through Marketing and Advocacy (Recorded Webinar)

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Making your Library Promotion Pop! Practical Design Principles and Tools for the Non-Designer (Recorded Webinar)

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Ready, Set, Influence! Participating in the Business of Your Health Care Organization (Recorded Webinar)

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JMLA October 2013 issue: Featuring a series of articles on new and evolving roles for health sciences information professionals


PowerPoint "Myths and Truths About Library Services" (PowerPoint, 2MB): What myths do your administrators believe? Do they think that patient care can remain high quality without library services, that everything is available for free on the Web, or that technology has replaced librarians? Perhaps they think that closing your library will save money. Counter these and other common myths with this presentation, which you can revise to meet your specific needs.  


For further information about National Medical Librarians Month, please contact Tomi Gunn, 312.419.9094 x11.